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Kit contains 12 wooden bushels mounted on a manual rotating metal floor rack. Your Choice of flavours $495.95 + taxes

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All bushels contain 150 individually wrapped lollipops

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The floor rack is free standing, spins, and requires only 4 square feet of floor space. $95.00 each + taxes

QTY.  Description Price
Blueberry Bushel Display 47.95
Bubblegum Bushel Display 47.95
Butterscotch Bushel Display 47.95
Cherry Bushel Display 47.95
Cinnamon Bushel Display 47.95
Chocolate Bushel Display 47.95
Cotton Candy Bushel Display 47.95
Grape Bushel Display 47.95
Green Apple Bushel Display 47.95
Lemon Bushel Display 47.95
Licorice Bushel Display 47.95
Orange Bushel Display 47.95
Peppermint Bushel Display 47.95
Raspberry Bushel Display 47.95
Rootbeer Bushel Display 47.95
Strawberry Bushel Display 47.95
Watermelon Bushel Display 47.95

QTY.  Description Price
Banana Chip Bushel Display 49.95
Birthday Cake Bushel Display 49.95
Butter Pecan Bushel Display 49.95
Peach Schnapps Bushel Display 49.95
Pina Colada Bushel Display 49.95
Strawberry Daiquiri Bushel       49.95
Maple Bushel Display   49.95
Floor Rack 95.00

Sugar Free lollipops not available
Discount if purchase 50 or more bushels at one time receive 5% discount

**No returns without factory approval
Free Delivery within the GTA on minimum orders of 10 boxes or more.
All orders outside the GTA are subject to shipping charges.

All orders & shipping charges are to be paid in full before shipping. All prices are subject to all applicable taxes.

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